breathe in & bee happy!

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family owned and operated company with a belief in being free while working hard... 

100% natural plant-based aromatherapy home & beauty products created by hand with an intention to heal and bring happiness to your daily life! What began as a seed planted within owner Amy Hughes' mind during a yoga practice... began to sprout and bud within her kitchen... and organically blossomed and bloomed, as she traveled her gypsy wagon to craft and trade shows to share and offer her handmade goods. 

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the name of the company celebrates Amy's wildflowers, her fearless daughter and son, as well as paying homage to her favorite artist Van Morrison.... with every product inspired with the good vibes to honor her sweet family and the mystical magnificent cosmos...

...faithfully handmade with positive intentions, Amy hopes you enjoy her natural remedies and share in her love affair with nature