brother woodland potion

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BROTHER WOODLAND offers a harmony of woodsy grounding balsam fir and cedarwood with calming lavender and juniper berry... the woodlands are special sacred places, surrounded by trees with the natural aromas from the air moving through the branches and leaves...

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our relaxing & enlightening potion offers a feeling of absolute stillness, breathe in Brother Woodland and be in touch with nature... providing a sense of comfort and wellbeing for your spirit and soul.


COLLECTION: Bee Peaceful

INGREDIENTS: organic balsam fir eo, organic cedarwood eo, organic lavender eo, organic juniper berry eo, organic coconut oil & organic purified spring water


2oz amber glass bottle 

  • each apothecary amber glass potion produces approximately 350 pumps of natural botanical mist
  • perfect as a natural daily perfume
  • alternative to synthetic perfumes & colognes
  • refreshing room spray
  • bed & linen mister
  • during yoga & meditation practices
  • face toner
  • herbal hair mist to breathe in benefits of aromatherapy throughout the day
  • spritz on carpets/rugs prior to vacuuming