purify your mat and foster mind-body-spirit-soul connection

our herbal aromatherapy mat cleaners create a more holistic yoga practice... containing nothing more than purified spring water, witch hazel & our handcrafted blissfully effective organic essential oil blends!

our natural yoga mat cleaners will your enhance your yoga practice, inspire a more focused yoga session, awaken your body & encourage deep breathing...

with layers of spice and earth offering abundance and connection...

you will be craving your next child's pose to breathe in your delicious mat!

a simple daily spritz & wipe before and after your practice!

namaste >--> flow freely & get sweaty!




INGREDIENTS: organic cassia root eo, organic cinnamon bark eo, organic bergamot eo, organic lavender eo, organic clove bud eo, organic cardamom eo, organic nutmeg, organic coffee bean eo, organic eucalyptus eo, organic tea tree eo, organic witch hazel & organic purified spring water

 8oz amber PET plastic bottle with black trigger sprayer

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