This is a spicy and warming caffeine free herbal chai. This is a perfect tea for Chai enthusiasts who wish to avoid the caffeine boost. The turmeric gives this brew an exotic, piquant flavor that lingers on the taste buds while also highlighting the other earthy spices in this blend. The added pinch of cayenne really gives this blend a spicy bite! It brews well in water, and is extra tasty with a bit of your favorite milk.



 Spicy and strong aroma with a subtle earthiness, and a complex spiciness with a robust, warm flavor.



 Burnt amber with a distinct orange tint. 4-5 minutes



 Caffeine free


Organic and fair trade Cinnamon bark, organic Ginger root, organic and fair trade Turmeric root, organic Cardamom, organic Fennel seed, organic and fair trade Cloves, organic and fair trade Black Pepper, organic Cayenne powder

our loose leaf teas come in 8" tall brown kraft bags with a re-foldable stay fresh top! Lined with a plant based polymer that makes our bags 100% compostable, made with 40% recycled material & contains 25% post-consumer waste. 

(tea weight 3oz)

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I knew at the First smell.. I Had found a "Gem".. It made me sneeze..