freak of nature potion

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FREAK OF NATURE is... a freak of nature! Earth meets mint, then mint meets spice, and spice finally meets some sweet... with added hints of woodsy floral notes that combine beautifully in our harmoniously inspiring blend! Awaken and nurture your creativity with this energizing and inspiring potion, full of all the blissful layers of our greater power... the true essence of nature! 

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so let your freak flag fly... we sure do ... us gypsies are a devoted folk, super freaks for our almighty nature!



COLLECTION: Bee Inspired

INGREDIENTS: organic fir eo, organic pine eo, organic peppermint eo, organic lavender eo, organic bergamot eo, organic eucalyptus eo, organic cassia root eo, organic cedarwood eo, organic coconut oil & organic purified spring water


2oz amber glass bottle 

  • each apothecary amber glass potion produces approximately 350 pumps of natural botanical mist
  • perfect as a natural daily perfume
  • refreshing room spray
  • calming and cleaning bed & linen mister
  • during yoga & meditation practices
  • universal heal all aromatherapy spray