gypsy woman solid perfume

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GYPSY WOMAN captures the romance of a gypsy soul... a flowing lifestyle with her roots planted deeply in nature.

Smooth sensual florals with a deep earthy base that lasts on the skin for hours & hours.

An aroma celebrating flowers & fresh soil, deep forests & warm campfires...

A sexy pheromone perfume that works magic with each individual’s chemistry to create a uniquely personal warm & romantic natural fragrance.
When the essential oils in our blend harmonize they offer a distinct scent that intrigues the senses of both the wearer and those passing by. 
How to use: Melt your solid perfume directly onto your wrists and neck for an immediate dose of your favorite aroma.
•Warm perfume|cologne with your fingertips
•Applying to warm pulse points will activate the aroma & its aromatherapy benefits 
•Smooth behind ears, along collarbone & neck, inside wrists & the elbows, behind the knees and into freshly washed hair locks & bushy beards
•Perfect pocket size for anytime
•Combines with each individual’s chemistry to create a beautiful, unique, and personal fragrance
•Entices and intrigues the senses
Organic Ingredients:
Sweet Almond Oil. Sunflower Oil. Beeswax. Jasmine Flower. Patchouli Leaf. Rose Flower. Amyris Bark. Ylang Ylang Flower. Lavender Flower. Geranium Flower. Bergamot Peel. Eucalyptus Leaf. Sandalwood. Peru Balsam. Cinnamon Bark. Cassia Leaf. Vetiver Root. Texas Cedarwood. 

0.5oz rectangular tin