gypsy woman

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GYPSY WOMAN captures the colorful dreaminess of the gypsy soul, a lifestyle with roots close to nature.

An aroma celebrating flowers and fresh soil, deep forests and warm campfires...

A deeply aromatic all natural perfume that opens with floral notes of jasmine, rose, ylang ylang and lavender, layered with earthy middle scents of patchouli & cedarwood, and finishes with the warm lingering aroma of amber, vanilla and sandalwood. 

ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: rose water. rose eo. jasmine eo. ylang ylang eo. lavender eo. patchouli eo. cedarwood eo. amber. vanilla. sandalwood eo.

2oz amber glass bottle 

  • each apothecary amber glass potion produces approximately 350 pumps of natural botanical mist
  • perfect as a natural daily perfume
  • calming room spray
  • soothing relaxing bed & linen mister
  • spritz during yoga & meditation for a blissful practice