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 Family Owned | Scratch Made | Small Batch | Simple Ingredients

In 2010, Gypsy Soul Organics began as a seed planted in a yoga class by Amy M. Hughes. This groovy seed began to sprout & bud within her kitchen and naturally, blossom & buzz, as she traveled her gypsy wagon to trade shows sharing her handmade products. The name of the company celebrates Amy's beautiful wildflowers, her curious & courageous daughter & son... as well as paying homage to her favorite artist Van Morrison. Each handcrafted product is inspired with the good vibes to honor her family & her love affair with nature!



Amy currently lives and works in a colorful downtown beside a peaceful lake & old-growth redwoods along with her husband, daughter, son & their handsome dog Yankee. They choose to live simply, with their roots planted deeply in the natural world.