moon solid perfume

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Feminine layers of soft sexy florals that last on the skin for hours & hours.

Seductive & alluring, a heady mash-up of rich flowers with subtle sunny touches of sweet citrus fruit.

Blossoming with ylang ylang, jasmine, rose & lavender flowers with rays of soothing sweet orange peel.

•Warm perfume with your fingertips
•Applying to warm pulse points will activate the aroma & its aromatherapy benefits 
•Smooth along collarbone & neck, inside wrists & the elbows, behind ears & into freshly washed hair locks and bushy beards
Perfect pocket/purse size for an immediate dose of your favorite (all natural!) scent
Organic Ingredients:
Sweet Almond Oil. Beeswax. Ylang Ylang Flower. Jasmine Flower. Rose Flower. Lavender Flower. Sweet Orange Peel.

0.5oz rectangular travel tin