MOTHER EARTH is our earthy grounding & comforting potion...

woodsy and restoring, with layers of citrus and floral notes that linger.

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 Mother Earth is for the wanderlust, the wayfaring wonders, the true wildflowers


COLLECTION: Bee Peaceful

INGREDIENTS: organic sunflower oil, organic coconut oil, organic cedarwood eo, organic patchouli eo, organic ylang ylang eo, organic sweet orange eo, organic clary sage eo & calendula flower


8oz amber PET plastic bottle with black trigger sprayer

  • botanical body, bath & hair oil
  • a light soothing blend leaving skin feeling silky & nourished
  • made with organic oils & botanicals to moisturize & enrich skin of all ages
  • apply daily to soften dull, dry skin & lock in moisture for a dewy radiant glow
  • mist on body anytime, perfect after bath or shower
  • untwist the cap and pour into running bath for a dreamy aromatherapy healing bathtime
  • perfect for the gypsy mama's growing belly!
  • spritz into hair to replenish & nourish dry overworked hair, add shine & to strengthen 
  • herbal hair oil to breathe in benefits of aromatherapy throughout the day
  • wonderful natural herbal remedy for your four-legged friends itchy skin, hot spots, will heal & add shine to dry coats... our gypsy pup's favorite! 
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