niece meadow potion

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NIECE MEADOW is a gentle harmony of soothing chamomile with peaceful lavender and heart-opening rose... soft & romantic, offering a floral calm & balanced bliss...

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breathe in deep layers of blossoming healing flowers within our potion & be taken away into a quiet meadow... mist Niece Meadow during dusk and be taken adrift into a tranquil meadow of deep relaxation... sweet gypsy soul dreams

COLLECTION: Bee Peaceful

INGREDIENTS: organic chamomile eo, organic lavender eo, organic rose eo, organic coconut oil & organic purified spring water


2oz amber glass bottle 

  • each apothecary amber glass potion produces approximately 350 pumps of natural botanical mist
  • perfect as a natural daily perfume
  • refreshing room spray
  • calming and cleaning bed & linen mister
  • during yoga & meditation practices
  • universal heal all aromatherapy spray