peppermint beebee

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peppermint beebee

beeswax conditions skin, while antioxidant vitamin e moisturizes.
peppermint oil provides that one-of-a-kind refreshing tingle... breathe in & explore... smooth, nourished lips to keep you cool while you're buzzin' round!

be curious ... create your own path... we mean... c'mon, our peppermint beebees have gypsy souls, never lose your adventurious spirit !

100% natural & organic
cooling peppermint aroma
soothing beeswax + healing oils
soul beebee organic beeswax lip balm, 0.15 oz

...handmade with love for your well-being

beeswax, sunflower oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, vitamin e & peppermint oil