wildflower perfume solid

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Now you can take your favorite scent wherever you go. The beloved scent of WILDFLOWER is now available in a travel friendly solid format that melts quite literally into skin.

A peaceful soothing scent inspired by fields of wild lavender.

Layers of clean floral freshness evokes a feeling that sweeps you into a soft innocent whirlwind of happiness and calm, barefeet and freedom... 

Slide open, press finger into the naturally scented base, glide WILDFLOWER onto skin wherever you please. Repeat as desired.

Please be advised that the formula comes incomplete.

You are the first ingredient.

An aroma that calls out to the wildflowers... the barefoot on the earthy dirt path with flowers in your hair.
•Applying to warm pulse points will activate the aroma & its aromatherapy benefits 
•Smooth behind ears, along collarbone & neck, inside wrists & the elbows, behind the knees and into freshly washed hair locks & bushy beards
Pocket/purse size for an immediate dose of your favorite (all natural!) scent
Organic Ingredients:
Olive Oil. Coconut Oil. Sunflower Oil. Soy Wax. Lavender Flower. Lavandin Flower. Spike Lavender Flower.

0.5oz slide rectangular tin